RadioLink Networks

Next Generation Digital Microwave Radios

Who We Are

  • A privately held company founded in September 2004 to develop low cost, high-bandwidth last mile wireless access equipment.
  • Six dedicated co-founders with extensive experience in technology start-ups, wireless service providers, and successful new wireless product development and manufacturing.
  • First product is point-to-point next generation high frequency digital microwave radio (DMR).
  • Developed a comprehensive patent pending design, covering a revolutionary antenna and signal topology that breaks the paradigm in the high frequency digital radio industry.

Founding Team

Alan Davis, CEO, brings 30 years of entrepreneurial, executive and legal experience to RLN. He has particular experience in founding and successfully operating venture funded communications and technology companies (including wireless and hardware), leading all phases of operations. He conceived of the the high level basis for RLN and assembled the management team.


Aubrey Jaffer, CTO, has been a senior engineer for over 20 years in various capacities including RF/microwave engineer, software programmer/analyst, ASIC designer, video compression board designer and senior architect. Aubrey has designed the key proprietary elements of the RLN product.


Kenneth Wood, VP of Engineering, has had 25 years of experience with DMRs. He was formerly VP of Engineering for Telaxis Communications and YDI Wireless, where he developed 25 different variants of LMDS (high frequency) radio products.


John Fortier, Chief Hardware Architect, has had extensive worldwide telecommunications network analysis, design and field experience, including the rigging of microwave of radios in the Canadian Artic. John has been instrumental is co-designing key features of RLN's DMR.


Ross Sullivan, COO and VP of Business Development, has extensive experience in technical field and network operations for wireless infrastructures. Most recently, was employed for 6 years at Teligent in various senior executive roles, including VP of Ops and Field Engineering and VP of Network Operations and Business Development.


Boris Perlin, Product Manager, has had extensive experience in product management and marketing. Most recently, was responsible for Product Management and Marketing, for companies such as Marathon Technologies and GiantLoop Network.